Daniella Zalcman . Photographer

Love this idea of cinematography.  Meshing two worlds together.  Mysterious and Beautiful. Check out the blog about Daniella Zalcman…

Daniella Zalcman . Photographer.


Purple Me

Purple me

Life is a surprise…let’s keep the world full of good ones!  Purple is beautiful, isn’t it!  Some of my favorites are purple nail polish, purple dresses, purple purses, purple flowers, shiny purple cars, and spectacular pink and purple sunsets!  When I was 10 or so everything my parents gave me for my birthday was purple!  Purple comforter (even had it still in college!), purple mirror, purple etc.  I thought, why did they get everything purple?  I was even a little disappointed, figuring my absolute favorite color is ….red!!! Surprise!  I must have shown that I’m really a purple kind of gal.  Or maybe they figured every little girl at some point really likes purple.  My inclination is I must have given them reasons to buy all that purple stuff.  Subliminal messages from commercials most likely.  But the outcome as time went on (obviously!) is that I started really loving purple.  (Thanks mom and dad!)  In fact, as a mom now, my youngest daughter who just turned 6 is having her room splashed with vibrant pinks (and purple accents everywhere, thanks to me).  I’m all for living the world in color.  By the way, since we’re talking about living in color, I love my sage living room with deep brown leather couches.  So why write about me and purple?  Purple is bold, charismatic, inspiring, creative.  To me it even glitters and sparkles.  It’s like a dazzling sun coming out to play during a brilliant dancing rainstorm.  Color is one way to make the world so beautiful and fulfilling.  I love COLOR!  Lipstick is one of my favorite ways to live color.  Yes, even purple lipstick!  Purple is a way of saying who I am to the world.  Sometimes life is dull shades of gray or pastel pink with a faint breeze beckoning its way to the brightness.  Sharing just a tidbit now.  May you have many bright days of gorgeous yellow sunshine as you follow my blog…


Purple Me (Naomi)



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